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The Best Tailoring Shop in Florence | Liverano & Liverano

Edward Sexton

Sexton: Savile Row Rebel, Women’s Tailoring Pioneer

Edward Sexton’s legacy transcends the confines of traditional tailoring, leaving an indelible mark on fashion and style for both men and women. His collaborations, innovative approach, and dedication to empowering women through proper tailoring have solidified his position as a true pioneer in the industry.

Paolo Scafora

10 Artisanal Brands from Pitti Uomo 102

繁體中文 English 简体中文 1_Alden New England The Alden Shoe Company doesn’t need any further introduction, it has global recognition, Alden enthusiasts usually own not one

Julia B. Portrait

Julia B. Handmade for Life

「I really wanted to give people a different type of shopping experience. It’s not just about clothes, handbags and shoes. It’s about giving them a space to wonder, to dream, and to think about how they want to live.」– Julia B.

Isaac Reina by Agnes' Select

Artisanship in Metropolitan Cities | Isaac Reina Update

All our products used to be made in small workshops in or across Paris. But since last year, we developed a relationship with a workshop in a town in the south of Spain well known for their small to medium-sized leather workshops.


Store Exploration

Dover Street Market Paris -- Paris's New Hub of Avant-Garde Fashion and Art

DSMP embodies a spirit of experiment. It follows the same design code as the rest of the DSM stores around the world, yet it is different from any of those branches: An evolved version of what Joffe and Kawakubo ultimately are pursuing – a big playground of creative minds with no boundaries.


Talking style with one of the best dressers -- Alessandro Squarzi

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Talking with fashion and war-zone photographer Robert Spangle about his new book, "Afghan Style."

“Afghan men, through self-possession, pride, character, sophistication, and nuance, are the most stylish on earth.”

Mille Miglia

1000 Miglia, the Passion for Driving.

The 1000 Miglia is the image of progress, technical, social and human progress, and we do well to celebrate it because this re-evocation of the past helps the future.

Julia B Casa

The Art of Table Setting with Julia B.

In our latest film about table setting featuring Julia inside her exquisite boutique in the heart of Florence, she reveals the essence of setting a beautiful table. It’s all about evoking a mood.

Carlo Mollino and the Vertebra Table

“It’s a brilliant summation of the principal facets of Italian design. It belongs to no school, subscribes to no isms, it is a vivid and personal and free from personal preconceived forms”.

Robert Spangle, Thousand Yard Style

Robert Spangle | Afghan Style

Everyone I met, everyone I photographed, just looked at me as if it was entirely obvious that I’d flown completely around the world to come and photograph them specifically.

Untitled (Red Thread), Sean Mundy

Probe Deeper – Interview with Sean Mundy

Sean Mundy’s visual art struck people without making them uncomfortable, as it’s bizarre and surreal enough that you know it’s not real-life, yet it is indeed thought-provoking enough to draw you in.

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