Embracing the ethos of “well-made & well-lived,” our mission is to promote sustainable, artisanal luxury.

Founded in 2018 by Shujun GE (Agnes), Agnes Select emerges as a pioneering entity in the fashion media landscape. Embracing the ethos of “well-made & well-lived,” our mission is to promote sustainable, artisanal luxury. Established in Shanghai and now extending its roots to Paris, Agnes Select stands as a testament to the harmony of age-old craftsmanship and contemporary fashion sensibilities.


At Agnes Select, we build our unique brand identity with authentic stories around individual master artisans, providing insights about artisanal brands and creative designers in the industry. By promoting well-made products and well-lived personalities, we aim to enhance the quality of life and inspire our audiences to become better people. Agnes Select choose the brand to work with judiciously – Only brands with genuine craftsmanship in their product and good potential to appeal to our audience’s sense and taste will be chosen to work with.


Agnes GE, a graduate of the London College of Fashion, brings a wealth of experience from the vibrant luxury retail and fashion consultancy scene in London. Prior to establishing Shanghai Niesi Culture Communication Co. Ltd, trading as Agnes Select, in 2018, Agnes carved a niche for herself as a menswear editor, collaborating with an array of master artisans and acclaimed designers.


Her quest for deeper knowledge in the craft of fashion led her to Florence, Italy, in 2021, where she apprenticed with the luxury men’s shoe brand, Stefano Bemer. This experience was not just about learning shoemaking but about absorbing the ethos of craftsmanship that she aims to reflect in Agnes Select’s media narrative.


Agnes’s design philosophy, deeply inspired by the legendary Dieter Rams and Soetsu Yanagi, the father of the Japanese Mingei (folkcraft) movement, is a testament to her belief in simplicity, functionality, and the beauty of understated elegance, or ‘Shibui’. These principles are the bedrock of Agnes Select, guiding the selection of content and collaborators that resonate with the values of purity and authenticity in design and craft.


At the helm of Agnes Select, Agnes is committed to fostering a platform that champions the “well-made and well-lived” ethos. Through her diverse roles as a designer, photographer, writer, and interviewer, Agnes is on a mission to explore and advocate for craft and design theories that enhance and enrich our modern lifestyle.


Agnes Select is more than a fashion media company; it’s a beacon for those who value the integrity of design and the stories behind the craftsmanship, aiming to leave a lasting, positive impact on the fashion community and beyond.

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