Loro Piana 2024 Spring Summer (Agnes Select)


Dedicated to advocating for ‘slow fashion’ and eco-friendly lifestyles, Agnes Select offers content in English and Chinese, showcasing premier artisanal brands and influential fashion personalities. We provide insightful content on craftsmanship, design, and style, resonating with a sophisticated, international audience.


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Product Collaboration and Features

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Art Direction including Video Production & Image Production

Agnes Select

Target Audience & Customers

Agnes Select’s target customers are mainly consumers attracted by refined style and fashion professionals worldwide. They appreciate craftsmanship and are very demanding when it comes to design.


Our audiences mainly come from international backgrounds. They actively seek out new information about artisans with quality and style. They have a high level of education and appreciate in-depth content on cultural or lifestyle topics, which Agnes Select provides through exclusive interviews with master artisans, covering stylish racing events like Mille Miglia and characteristic street style digest captured during the Fashion Weeks.


According to readership statistics, the current audience of https://www.agneselect.com is mainly based in metropolitan cities such as  Taipei, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Shanghai, London and Singapore. These are consumers who buy luxury brands but never follow the trend blindly. They have their own style preferences and mix designer brands with vintage or tailored pieces. They are mainly aged between 22 and 48 (see more details in customer segments) and work, particularly in the fields of art and creation, fashion and design.


In addition, the multilingual strategy (English, Chinese) allows Agnes Select to reach a sizeable Chinese-speaking audience living abroad. By offering a site in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English, Agnes Select aims to establish a more open dialogue on craftsmanship and fashion in order to allow our customers from all around the world to share the same passion for artisanal luxury.


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