Agnes Select
Chapal Jean-François Bardinon

Chapal, King of French Aviation Jacket 

The impeccably luxurious use of leather, the original military cutting and the history of supplying France & USA air force during the two world wars are the three reasons connoisseurs love to go to Chapal for their leather jacket to be made.

Sergio Loro Piana

Sergio Loro Piana – The Better Part of Valour

“We are the first consumers of our products… Our customers don’t want to look fashionable: they just need to be stylish, with the best quality materials.” — Sergio Loro Piana

Isaac Reina by Agnes' Select

Artisanship in Metropolitan Cities | Isaac Reina Update

All our products used to be made in small workshops in or across Paris. But since last year, we developed a relationship with a workshop in a town in the south of Spain well known for their small to medium-sized leather workshops.