Agnes Select




2020 F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel

In terms of the dial design, the new F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel further improved its legibility: Adding the solid-gold frames around the upper and lower apertures that display the day, month, and date; Meanwhile, the olive-shaped inner circle is now decorated with a clous de Paris engine-turned pattern, which adds a sense of multi-dimensions and exquisiteness to the dial compare with the initially rather flat design.

Antoine de Macedo

Antoine de Macedo Watchmaker | A Vintage Timepiece Landmark

At the heart of Paris, Antoine de Macedo’s watch boutique contains a large and wide collection of top-tier vintage watches dated from the 1920s to the current days. The founder Antoine is extremely amiable with an understated manner. Surprisingly, in his boutique archive, a piece of paper that he randomly showed me reveals some omitted history of the watch master Abraham-Louis Breguet.