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Exhausted by fashion buy not tired of life

Agnes Ge is the founder and editor of the online culture & style magazine Agnes Select.

Graduate from London College of Fashion, she has experience in luxury retailing and fashion consultancy. That being said, she was much more drawn to traditional tailoring rather than trends and fads. Besides running Agnes Select, she is also an amateur bespoke shoemaker.

Agnes Ge 是文藝風格平台 Agens Select 的編輯和創始人。

畢業於倫敦時尚學院,她曾在倫敦涉獵奢侈品零售和時尚咨詢領域。然而比起對時尚風潮的熱情,傳統西裝文化更能引起她的共鳴。除了运营Agnes Select ,她也是一位业余的高级定制手工靴匠人。

Inspired by Dieter Rams’ principles of design, she believes the time of thoughtless design for thoughtless consumption is over. Through discovering well made objects and interviewing well lived figures, Agnes aims to raise the question about what is truly valuable to us. As William Morris famously said: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.


Influenced by Soetsu Yanagi’s  theory on folk crafts (mingei), Agnes considers Shibui ( 渋い ) as the highest form of beauty, which is a Japanese term from tea ceremony that describes a profound yet unobtrusive and understated aesthetic.  

經迪特拉姆斯(Dieter Rams)設計理念啟發,她相信那個為不经考虑的消费设计草率產品的時代應該要畫下句號。通過發掘「well made」的工藝產品,並探訪和記錄「well lived」的古今人物,Agnes旨在提出「什麼才是對我們真正有價值的」這一問題。正如威廉莫里斯(William Morris)所說:「不要把你不確信美的和不知道有用的東西留在房子裡。」


深受柳宗悅(1889-1961)關於民藝理論的影響,Agnes 將「澀」觀作美的最高形態。澀 (渋い)源自日本茶道語言,描述了一種深刻且不彰顯的簡單美學。


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