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What Made the Parisian Gentleman

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As one of the world’s most influential men’s style media, Paris Gentleman (PG) was founded in 2009 by French menswear writer Hugo Jacomet. Soon the American journalist Sonya Nicholson joined him in 2011. And the couple quickly gets married. Together they promoted the revival of elegant style and craftsmanship in the global perspective.

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Anything that is around the sartorial world, which is tailoring, shoemaking and elegance, it's not a science. It must remain a pleasure. It's more a lifestyle, a way of life, than a science.

I do think there is a definitive moment in most people's lives where they grasp the idea of the importance of style.

You have to be with the maestros, you have to touch the fabric, you have to understand the movement, you have to feel the steam, you have to even bleed a little bit with the needle to understand how difficult the work is.

『Beauty』is not that you have to be born beautiful. It doesn't matter how you were born, it doesn't matter how your body shape is, it doesn't matter how you were born with your facial features. It's how you make your own beauty, in the way that you cloth yourself, in the way that you speak, in the way that you care. It doesn't matter how you're biologically made, you can transform yourself to be who you feel you are.


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