No individual is capable of creating an entirely original style, belong to nobody else. It is the styles that use us as their instruments, as their bearers and incarnations.

Tommaso Melani

The Man Behind Stefano Bemer

I want the in-house capacity of production, I want higher quality, I want a pair of shoes to brag about. It has to be better than anything else on the market. It may be more expensive, but it’s better.

What Made the Parisian Gentleman

Paris Gentleman, one of the world’s most influential men’s style media, was founded by French menswear writer Hugo Jacomet in 2009. Soon, the American journalist Sonya Nicholson joined him in 2011. And the couple quickly gets married. Together they promoted the revival of elegant style and craftsmanship in the global perspective.

Linda V Wright

Linda V Wright | Crimson

Just as Linda’s approach to androgynous clothing, for her, the boundary between bespoke and high fashion also blurred. She would wear Gucci loafers one day and opts for a pair of John Lobb in another day. And she uses blue jeans and pair with her chocolate silk velvet jacket from Henry Poole!

Michael caine glasses

Michael Caine | The Hero Who Wear Glasses

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