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Loro Piana 2024 Spring Summer Collection Review

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Loro Piana 2024 Spring Summer (Agnes Select)

In the bustling, Japanese-inspired interiors teeming with buyers and editors in central Milan, Loro Piana unveils its 2024 Spring-Summer collection, a testament to the brand’s signature sumptuous fabrics and non-ostentatious aesthetic. Amidst the multitude of highlights, from the introduction of the elegant tote bag – Loom, to the innovative Denim Silk fabric, this collection weaves a narrative inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, the symbiotic relationship with nature, and the philosophy of Shibusa (渋さ) — a concept akin to wabi-sabi, embodying simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty.

Loro Piana’s homage to Japan permeates the collection, evident in Sakura and Kanji prints, Kimono-style jackets, and suits paying tribute to the tatami fabric through wool stitching techniques. Japanese colours such as Sencha Green, Bamboo, and Ginger Roots meld seamlessly with Loro Piana’s earthy palette, and the spacious, gentle forms of the clothing reflect the Japanese psyche of ma (間).

Since the trend of old money style became prevalent, Loro Piana’s name is on everyone’s tongue as the epitome of the ultimate quiet luxury. The absence of ostentatious monograms and the embrace of relaxed silhouettes define the Loro Piana wearer as humble and understated. For the 2024 Spring Summer collection, there are nuanced changes in the silhouette — It’s getting more contemporary and streamlined tailored. In an interview earlier this year, Loro Piana’s CEO Damien Bertrand, who joined them from Christian Dior Couture, expressed his vision to push Loro Piana forward in a more modern, more stylish “new silhouette” that goes beyond men and women. Following Bertrand’s leadership, 2024 Spring Summer is the second season Loro Piana develops and presents the women’s and men’s collections together.

You can find various menswear references in the latest women’s collection: From the Spagna jacket, a Safari style three-piece, to the women’s version of the iconic Roadster jacket. “This is the attitude of the womenswear — a little more spacious, comfortable, beautifully tailored, beautifully layered,” said Bertrand.

It is the first time Loro Piana presents the Spagna jacket for women. Dedicated to effortless elegance, the Loro Piana Spagna Jacket was launched in 1998, initially inspired by the Spanish officer’s uniforms. The standing collar, buttonless cuffs and soft construction speak to connoisseurs. This season, a shrunken version of the Spagna jacket is also introduced.

Loro Piana 2024 Spring Summer (Agnes Select)
Spagna jacket

A Sencha green Roadster jacket with a dark brown suede stand collar is stylishly layered under a yellowish overcoat. While the Spagna jacket is perfect for urban life, the Roadster Jacket is made for outdoor activities. Created to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Concorso d’Eleganza di Villa d’Este (a prestigious classic vintage cars event held on Lake Como), the Roadster Jacket features an action back that allows easy movement during hunting or racing, patched pocket enhances the sporty vibe, exposed zip-and-button double closure makes sure wind and rain is kept out. Pure cashmere makes the Roadster Jacket extraordinarily soft and lightweight, while the Storm System® finish adds waterproof functionality.

Loro Piana 2024 Spring Summer (Agnes Select)
Roadster jacket

Loro Piana’s collaboration with Japanese denim experts in the Bingo province resulted in the patented CashDenim® fabric last fall, blending cashmere and denim. Only 50 metres can be made on the vintage loom. 

As for the upcoming 2024 Spring, a brand-new interpretation of Japanese denim is born – Denim Silk, a technical combination of 60 % denim and 40% silk. CashDenim® can feel too warm for summery weather, so the Denim Silk fabric replaced the cashmere with silk in the weft, combined with the warp in indigo cotton. As a result, you have the durability of denim, while the touch to the skin is delicate and tender.

Loro Piana 2024 Spring Summer (Agnes Select)
Denim Silk

In the realm of accessories, the collection introduces a variety of bags in new sizes, leathers, and colours. Yet, stealing the spotlight is the debut of the showstopper: the all-new Loom bag. Loom, a double-handled tote so named because, with its covered bar on the flap, it recalls the graceful drape of fabric across the bar of a loom. Immerse yourself in choices, from the sumptuous, buttery leathers in timeless colours to the canvas adorned with exquisite leather detailing. Loom effortlessly captures an uncontrived elegance, whether cradled by its handles or stylishly slung beneath the arm.

Loro Piana 2024 Spring Summer (Agnes Select)
Loom Bag

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